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Working with Trish Van Dyke Photography!

Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am grateful you are here! Today I wanted to talk about what it looks like when you book a maternity - lifestyle newborn or sunset family photo session with me!

When you first reach out, I am VERY EXCITED you choose to work with me! I really am grateful for everyone I get to work with! First things first, we chat about what type of session you are needing!

Once we have talked about your needs & what you are wanting/envisioning for your session I send you my booking calendar. From here you get to see my available time & dates. After you select the date that works best for you, we let the fun begin!

The next part is ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS for prepping for your session. STYLING OUTFITS for everyone what will take part at the photo session. My booking clients receive FREE access to my client closet that keeps growing & growing! Along with access to my online styling tool ( It is the MOST AMAZING tool I could have for my clients so they can look their absolute BEST for their photo session! Let's be honest, selecting outfits can be stressful & time consuming! I wanted to take that out of the equation for you!

We select a location for your session, whether it's in my studio ( 605|CountryStudio) or an outdoors location I recommend. Having that selected is another step closer to your session! You should receive an email reminding you of your upcoming session with me.

Then comes what we have been waiting for! Your Session! If you have little kiddos, please don't worry or stress about your session. I have many tricks up my sleeve along with games we play to help keep their attention.

After your session, I will be editing away your images! You should see a sneak peek within a short period of time. Depending on the season, your final edited gallery should be down within 6-8 weeks via online gallery. From there you have the option to purchase prints directly from your gallery. Which I always recommend to all my clients as the print quality is outstanding! Plus it gets delivered directly to your door!

****In the future I might offer more assistants with ordering prints, photo albums & other products. By offering this, it will help you get prints on your wall sooner than later! We need to think of these products as a keepsake or a treasure.

I also appreciate when clients leave me reviews on Google or my Facebook photography page. This is the BIGGEST BLESSING you could do for ANY BUSINESS!! It's easy & so very helpful for small business owners!

Thank you again for visiting my blog & I look forward to working with you!


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