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Maternity Session or Not?

First off, YES YES YES you should book a maternity portrait session!

As I look back on each of my own pregnancies, I regret not having professional photos taken. I don't want you mama to have that same regret as I do! With that being said, I have put together a list of reasons why maternity photos are a great idea. As a bonus I will also list ways to help your session go smoothly.

  1. Maternity photos are a way to celebrate a milestone in life. Specially if it is your first baby, you will want to look back on photos to see how beautiful you were!

2. Again, you & your significant other are celebrating a special moment in life! A maternity session will help bring the two of you closer as you wait with anticipation of baby's arrival.

3. Once your little one isn't so little anymore, they can sit on your lap as you look through your maternity photos together. Creating another memory & connecting with your little!

4. Last but not least, you don't want to regret not taking maternity photos! I personally regret not talking them when pregnant with our oldest. I wish I could go back in time & change the decision I made, but I cannot.

When you book a maternity or any session with me, you receive access to my client closet & online styling tool FOR FREE!! ****STRESS FREE outfit planning, for all my mama friends!!***

If you are interested in booking a maternity session please reach out with any questions! You can bundle & sale on maternity & newborn sessions! I offer a couple different bundles!

-Maternity & Lifestyle Family Newborn Session

-Maternity & Newborn ONLY Session

-Maternity & Lifestyle Family Newborn & 1 year milestone session (I do not offer smash cake at the session)

Thanks for being here my friend! Until next time, take care!

Hugs, Trish.


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